Kim Sanchez

Tech Support & Programming Manager



Kim Sanchez joined the Artspace team as the tech support and programming manager at  El Barrio's Artspace PS109 in 2017. She is certified by I.A.OT.S. as a wedding and event designer and planner, as well as certified by I.C.O.E.S. as a music and film events manager. Currently, she is working towards achieving her associates degree in business management.

Kim is a proactive and results-oriented bi-lingual professional with solid experience in the finance and non-profit fields. Her expertise spans project management, financial reporting, office management and customer service. Her excellent analytical, research and writing skills, has led her to much success within the entertainment and events industry.

Kim has over 14 plus years of experience planning various types of events and brings her eye for design and sense of style to each event.  She has planned, designed and executed weddings, various private social events and much more.

Her detailed oriented and organized mind, continually motivates Kim to strives to create just the perfect journey for her clients where they get to experience their events as a guest. She likes everything to be just right, even the small details, because those to can make a huge difference in a special event. She is a dedicated professional who is not afraid to put in the extra time to make her client's event special. 

When Kim is not being a worker bee, she likes to spend time with family and friends, dance and travel.

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