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Julie Alexander
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This is the soon to be the published web site for my new gallery. I am on this adventure with Julia Freeman, another Seattle artist and….I hope…. many more in the community will join in the fun of experiencing and curating great art.
This site collects all the interesting articles from the blogosphere. It’s one stop shopping for my art read.
This Consortium for King County providers is a great source of information and helps me stay in touch with the wider low-income housing community.

Julie Alexander joined Artspace in November 2014. She is the regional Asset Manager located in Seattle, Washington. Julie manages six Artspace properties which include four properties in Washington State: Everett Lofts in Everett and Tashiro Kaplan, Hiawatha, and the newly opened Mt. Baker Lofts in Seattle, Everett Station in Portland, Oregon as well as Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, California.

Julie comes to Artspace through one of our partner organizations in Washington State, Impact Capital, where she serviced and underwrote loans for Washington state projects that housed or served low-income residents.

Julie is also a wife, mother of two daughters, is an artist, and has two cats and two chickens.

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