Freddie Houston

Director, Performance Property Management Company

Cell Phone
Freddie is an avid cyclist
My Picks
This is where I buy all of my hats.

Freddie, despite all attempts, has been able to skillfully evade his colleagues and refuses to write a bio of himself. It's ok, Frieddie. We've got your back.   

Here is what we know: 

He wears, on occasion, an amazing (and massive) Russian fur hat given to him by his fantasic wife. 

His sense of humor is so intact that he manages to play verbal defense in a way that would shock a politician.

In 2009, Freddie started exploring the real estate business and began working for Artspace leading the Performance Property team. 

In his spare time, Freddie likes to drink pink ladies while hanging out with his friends, enjoys making people laugh, bike rides in the rain and reading science fiction books while soaking in a bubble bath. Just kidding. Well, everything except the making people laugh part. His good nature is contageous.

Freddie is our talented Director of Performance Property and we are so fortunate to have him taking care a a myriad of things at our properties. Rock on, Freddie. 

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