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Ezra Sauter was born and raised in the local Twin Cities metro. He joined Artspace in 2005 after graduating from University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire with a BA in Political Science. Ezra has worked in a variety of capacities at Artspace over the years such as Executive Management, National Advancement, Consulting & Strategic Partnerships and work at the Cowles Center.

In his off-hours you can see him onstage with his R&B band or in the classroom pursuing a graduate degree. In 2007, Facebook's "Compare People" application voted Ezra the Best Dinner Companion, Most Fashionable and Funniest. His Pandora stations generally fluctuate between Scrillex, Jack White, and Prince while his Netflix channel stays relatively fixed on stand up comedy.         

"After spending my twenties working at Artspace, I continue to be intrigued by the unique catalyst our projects provide local economies. Our work illustrates what a crucial contribution artists make to communities beyond painting a pretty picture or creating a cool sculpture."

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