Linda Cover

Mixed Media, Artspace Tannery Lofts

Linda Cover has been a life long artist, community activist/organizer, naturalist and, more recently, an educator. The first summer Tannery Artspace Lofts opened more than 5 years ago she created Camp Tannery Arts; due to the fact Tannery has such an amazing array of artists of every genre. Linda felt strongly that she needed to share this treasure with children who love art.

Linda has taught natural world art in classrooms throughout the Santa Cruz area for over 10 years. Many students have won national and international acclaim for their art and poetry. Her students have organically become a part of our community through all types of exhibits and events and care-taking our neighborhoods and parks. They have cleaned the sloughs, rivers and neighborhoods, taken pictures of our dirty rivers for art shows, participated in gallery events as equals with adults, had their art and poetry posted on local buses, libraries, government centers and walls everywhere both indoors and outdoors.

Linda's own art over the years has ranged from video production to photography, collage to doodles, and murals to trash art. She has an amazing studio at the Tannery Lofts for after-school art; students include Tannery resident children as well as kids from the wider community who would not have art opportunities otherwise. They also have First Friday Exhibits and demonstrations alongside adults at the Tannery.

Linda was the recipient of Artspace's Su Job Award for Education in 2014.

Linda's Camp Tannery Arts 

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