Brooklyn Murphy is a film, television and theatre actor. Murphy studied at the Oxford School of Drama in England, Bova Actors Studio in New York, Cypress College and the Atlanta Film Institute. She has starred in numerous films, theatre productions and television commercials. In addition, she has hosted three national television shows on CNBC. Brooklyn is a multi-disciplined visual artist as well, receiving her degree in graphic design from the prestigious Portfolio Center School of Design and worked many years as a graphic designer and art director in publishing and advertising. She is a skilled and versatile actor who brings over 20 years of comedic and dramatic expertise to any production.

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Brooklyn Murphy Film Reel 2015
Brooklyn Murphy Film Reel 2013

Brooklyn Murphy as Detective Ramirez, Film

Brooklyn Murphy as Tamarlana, POW! BAM! ART! Exhibition

Photo by Randall Richards, Makeup by Arienne Battiste, L.A.